Advantages of a Boutique Executive Recruiting Firm

There are a lot of very large firms out there in the recruiting world.  These companies hire hundreds of recruiters and work with many of today’s prominent companies, driving talent acquisition across the country, and in many cases across the world.  Although many have been in the business for decades – time and time again, we hear from businesses about the difficulties and subpar results that have come out of partnerships with larger recruiting firms.

Using a boutique recruitment firm has lots of advantages to you, and they really do work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that only the best candidates that are available make their way into your viewpoint.

Some of the advantages of using a boutique firm include:

  • They are specialists in their field – This means that they will understand your industry and the types of people that you will find working in it. In turn, this means that your recruiter will be able to discuss roles in full to any candidate, and pre-screen them suitably using the correct questions and conversation to obtain the information required to understand if somebody is right for your organisation at that time.  It also means that if the recruiter needs to search for someone or a specific skill to match your needs, they can.
  • They will have Passive Candidates on their books – Having passive candidates is something that any good boutique recruitment firm has up their sleeve. These are candidates that will be open to discussing the ‘right opportunity’ and they will have been spoken to in-depth already about what they are looking for in a job role and environment.  Passive candidates tend to be loyal to a recruiter as they trust them to get the right opportunity for them; you’ll find that these types of candidates will not apply directly to your organisation in most cases, hence why it is beneficial to partner with a boutique recruitment firm as the top candidate for your organisation may just be one of these passive candidates.
  • Your time will be saved – Working with a boutique firm to help with your executive level positions will save you a lot of time. Hiring across any position takes time, but with executive level positions, they will take a lot longer purely due to the seniority involved and being able to ensure that interviews can be held at a time that is suitable to everybody.  In business, there is the old saying that Time = Money and this is true.  Having someone supporting you to recruit for your organization, that knows how you operate and what you look for is key, as it frees you up to do your job and keep your business flowing successfully without any compromise.

There are many other advantages to working with a boutique recruitment firm, so please don’t think these are the only ones.  Speak to recruitment firms you trust, ask them what they can do for you, and make sure you partner with only the best for your requirements.  Getting a great boutique recruitment firm in place is going to be key to your future success, especially at an executive level and above.

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